How can you buy Bitcoin?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

How I bought 1 BTC after 3 years!# It all started,2017 rolls around, BTC starts going crazy. I started investing JUST before the $20K ATH. As 2018 starts, it pretty much went downhill from there. However, I never gave up because I knew Bitcoin was something special and unlike any other asset. All throughout 2018, I did all the wrong things you should never do as an investor. I bought at the ATH, I caught a falling knife and bought bitcoin literally as I watched it go from $20K, $15K,$10K, and down to the months-long slog at $3,000. I even tried trading and buying Altcoins and lost even more money. When BTC was stuck down there, that's when I was buying the most. Even when nobody was making youtube videos anymore and nothing but FUD left and right, I was still buying. Mostly because I heard a bunch of YouTubers say "buy when there is blood in the streets" so that's exactly what I did. Keep in mind I had never invested in stock my entire life at this point. # The Key method of how I got 1 BTCDollar-cost AveragingThat is the key. Every single week I got paid it was only about $500 a week. Since I lived with my mom and only paid half rent, every two weeks I got paid I would buy exactly 0.01 BTC (put another way, I bought 1% of a bitcoin every 2 weeks). Regardless of the price, I would invest. Since 2018 was a bear market, It was getting cheaper and cheaper every single week. When it was $3000, It was so cheap that 0.01 BTC was like $30 or $40 apiece so I bought like 3 or 4%(0.03 BTC) every 2 weeks. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, by the time 2019 rolled around, I already had roughly 65% of a Bitcoin. 2019 was half bear and half bull market but still, I stuck to my guns, and no matter what every paycheck I bought 0.01 BTC regardless of price. Now by the time 2020 rolled around I had exactly 97% of a BTC. It was only this year That I had finally gotten to 1 BTC! I heard Charlie lee say a long time ago to stay away from Altcoins until you have 1 BTC and that is exactly what I did. After the pandemic started, I then started buying Ethereum 0.2 ETH a paycheck and I now have multiple ETH. I just wanted to tell my story of how I got 1 BTC and hopefully inspire others to get invested. I don't know if what I did was luck or skill, **but the key thing is to stay consistent**. If you water a plant every single day eventually you will get the fruit.

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