Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

#Bitcoin is sound money mathematically designed to go up in value over time (Deflation) Fiat is backed by nothing and is mathematically designed to go down in value over time (Inflation) One is a store of value and the other is a medium of exchange.

One you hold. One you spend. Most of the institutions are long-term HODLER of BTC and I don't recommend anyone to trade it with margin. Buying it on spot and holding long-term will make you more money than trying to be a trader. I'm not a crypto expert, but here are a couple of facts that make me think that BTC price will be in the future at least 10 times more than now and I think it's a lifetime opportunity. It's a way to store your wealth and potentially grow it in years.

I know: everyone is a genius when the price goes up, like this.

1. It's the most liquid asset in the world.

2. There is a definite amount of the 21 M BTC (20% is lost on the hardware wallets already

3. None entity can print it as the FED is printing the USD. Last year they printed 22% of the whole circulation of USD.

4. Halving's has deflation effects, so every 4 years is more difficult to mine new bitcoins.

5. It's more liquid than gold.

6. Gold mines rise the productions by 2% every year so even gold has inflation.

7.Grayscale and MicroStrategy funds investing huge amounts into the BTC. Since halving they bought more BTC than was mined. 8.

IF you hold Fiat you simply losing your wealth. Planned stimulus by FED and ECB will come with mega inflations.

9. Square, PayPal, and other implementations of BTC as currency.

10. The BIS (mother of central banks) warned the central banks of doing QE / Stimulus - We are moving from the liquidity to the solvency phase of the crisis. !! Central banks roundly ignoring the warnings from the central bank mothership.

11. It's programable money and it will be using in future technologies

12. Billionaires and hedge fund managers investing in the bitcoin as well - Elon Musk, Raul Pal, Paul Tudor Jones, Ricardo Salinas, and many more... you name them.

13. Since halving around 28000 BTC was mined but 73000 bought just by Grayscale

14. South American countries - having massive inflation. Source- - Watch this for details.

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